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Disability Holidays

Able Community Care

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Holiday Companionship and Personal Support

Able Community Care can help elderly and disabled people to enjoy a holiday by providing companionship and personal support. We can accompany people on days out and holidays abroad. Perfect for those who would like to take a holiday but require assistance in order to do so.We provide a wide range of long term care to people between the ages 18 years to 106 years of age. Our live in Carers are provided to elderly people, to people requiring live in care because of Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, learning difficulties, aquired head injury and spinal injury. Short term care is also available at the same high standard.

Ref: DHG119HC


  • Wheelchair UsersWheelchair Users
  • Assisted Wheelchair UsersAssisted Wheelchair Users
  • Limited MobilityLimited Mobility
  • Visually ImpairedVisually Impaired
  • Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired
  • Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
  • ElderlyElderly
  • Mental IllnessMental Illness
  • CarersCarers

Holiday Care

Able Community Care can help elderly and disabled people to enjoy a holiday by providing companionship and personal support. We can accompany people on days out and holidays abroad. This service is a perfect solution for those who would like to take a holiday but require assistance in order to do so, and for those travelling without their usual carers. 

Respite Breaks

Carers and family members of elderly and disabled people need a break too. Our experienced carers can step in and provide personal support and assistance, allowing carers to take much needed respite with peace of mind. 
We can also assist clients that are taking a holiday with their usual carers but require some hours of care, whilst those carers take a break.
Able Community Care
Whitlingham Lane
NR14 8TZ
United Kingdom

What Our Clients & Their Families Say...!

"Carers are supportive and always prepared to go the extra mile."
"I have been very impressed and all the carers have been co-operative and flexible."
"Very satisfied with all the care and help."

Care Costs and the Unique Benefits of Able's Live-in Carer Service

We believe our clients should NOT be charged for:
Registering with the Agency.
Assessment visits.
Travel or staff costs for any subsequent visits/reviews.
Payment of accounts in advance.
Payment of accounts by cheque.
Medication pads.
Disposable gloves and aprons.
In addition we offer as part of our service:
A personal Care Manager.
A qualified Risk Assessor.
24 hour personal contact.
Over 30 years experience of providing Live-in Care Schemes.
Regulation by the Care Quality Commission (formerly CSCI).
All care staff personally interviewed and referenced by us.
A bi-monthly gazette and a weekly Newsflash.
Finally - our help and guidance whenever you need it.
Care Costs : Financial Issues Regarding a Live-in Carer Scheme
The carers are paid a weekly rate ranging from £500.00 pw to £700.00 pw. The salary is normally paid to them at the end of the placement, for example:
The amount of salary paid depends on several factors:
The level of care required.
The number of people in the home to be cared for.
The nature of the disability.
The number of night disturbances
There is an additional £65.00 per day to be paid to the carers on a Public Bank Holiday.
The costs of a carer travelling to and from your home are also paid to the carer with their salary. We recommend that an average of £35.00 pw should be allowed for carers travel costs.
The other costs you need to be aware of are the carer's food and board. Again we recommend £35.00 per week should be allowed for this.
Able Community Care can introduce you to Live-in Carers for whom an Agency Introductory Fee of £170.00 per fortnight (+VAT) is charged.
Carers introduced in this manner are not employees of the Agency. Their salary and travel expenses are paid directly to them.
Should a client wish to engage a carer, introduced by the Agency, on a private basis, a permanent Placement Fee of £850.00 (+VAT) is charged.
We are able to offer a Live-in Carer Service on a planned respite basis or a 'home from hospital' service for periods in excess of 7 days and no more than 3 months.
The Agency Introductory Fee is £190 (+VAT) per fortnight.
The costs relating to Carer's travel and food etc. will still apply.
In addition to the above, we can also provide a payroll service where we pay the Carers on behalf of the client. This occurs when the client is unable to receive this money directly from Social Services (or the Health Authority) or because the client is unable to manage their finances. In this instance, we will invoice the client (Social Services or the Health Authority) for the total costs of care. The cost of this service is £50.00 (+ VAT) per fortnight.
We can place carers with you who are employees of the Agency. These carers mainly work with our Social Services clients but can also work for private individuals on the same basis.
These carers are paid by Able Community Care and we will deduct the statutory NI and PAYE contributions, pay their travel expenses, Holiday Pay and Bank Holiday payments.
Costs for care using this method are generally 25% higher.
All our Live-in Care Schemes are designed to meet each client's individual requirements.
It is our aim to help provide an environment where the people we care for have choice, respect, dignity and a secure reliable service.

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