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Mobility Aid Information Clip for Dementia Patients

ADZ Mediclip has been specifically designed and patented (patent pending) to assist Dementia and Alzheimers patients to be easily identified should they tend to wander and not have any other form of identification with them. This is the ideal replacement for the usually scruffy and unhygienic sticky taped paper names that are so easily lost, removed or destroyed. If you are a Dementia patient or are looking after someone who is, then the ADZ clip is the simpliest way to ensure you or your loved ones can be returned home safely, should they wander at any stage. The product has so far been mentioned by the Royal Collage of Nursing, Carehome.org. Caring UK, Carehome Management Magazine, Building Better Healthcare and Alzheimers Support.

Ref: DHG262MA


  • Wheelchair UsersWheelchair Users
  • Assisted Wheelchair UsersAssisted Wheelchair Users
  • Limited MobilityLimited Mobility
  • Visually ImpairedVisually Impaired
  • Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired
  • Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
  • ElderlyElderly
  • Mental IllnessMental Illness
  • CarersCarers

Why the Mediclipz...

Being in the care sector for 16 years and seeing the amount of times people pick up the wrong aid which creates a falls risk, I decided to find a more permanent way of marking them. This clip replaces the scruffy unhygienic sticky taped paper names that easily come off. As a Senior Carer at a care home I decided to find a solution to this common problem .The PVCU tubing is cut into shape to make the clip and once on the intended aid is a very secure fit. The labels which are waterproof, hygienic and come in white or yellow are then put in place, the yellow is ideal for Dementia as this is often the last colour which fades from memory. Some forms of Dementia means people tend to wander, often not taking anything with them, handbag, house keys etc  but normally their walking aid is with them.

These clips are ideal for all care settings, fitting most mobility aids; however also fit some tubing of children’s bikes and scooters, the yellow or white labels can have fun designs on. With so many more people being in their own homes but suffering memory loss this clip will provide vital information for emergency services as well as a relatives contact number should they become lost or have a fall while out.. Promoting independence is so important but so is protecting their safety and this gives relatives peace of mind.

With the large amounts of adults and children having more allergies/ medical conditions this could mean someone getting the right treatment a lot quicker and saving their life. Also a relative being contacted quickly to be able to get to their loved one. Hopefully this will be a help to the emergency services having immediate vital information.

With people living longer and an increase in Dementia sufferers many more people will need walking aids of some sort, in a care setting or living at home.
The labels come in 'Name and Room Number' designs or can have 'Name, DOB, Allergies and Medical Conditions' on them. Alternatively a design of your choice can be printed.

Advantages of Mediclipz

  • Reducing falls risk by incorrect aid being used
  • Encouraging promotion of residents individual choice
  • Hygienic, easily wipeable
  • jpeg image of their choice / your homes logo can be printed


Adz Mediclipz Mini - x1 Clip + x1 Waterproof Label (of your choice) + Instructions

Delivery: See terms & Conditions

Price: 9.00 GBP

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