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Beach Wheelchairs

Independence on the beach was, for many years a dream for wheelchair users.( Speak to those who attempted a wheelchair stroll on the beach and they would tell you it’s a nightmare!) A study conducted by Edward J Hamilton at Indiana University found that 94% of disabled sunseekers said they would visit the beach more often if their wheelchair would allow them.

Enter Florida lifeguard Mike Hensler and the beach wheelchair was born. With their Trademark large inflatable wheels and pvc frame, beach wheelchairs have completely revolutionized the beach holiday experience for disabled and less mobile people. If topping up your tan and enjoying the sea breeze is on the agenda, then this type of chair will give you the freedom to access and manoeuvre along sandy beaches where normal wheelchairs would not.

Although the name suggests, the beach wheelchair is really an all terrain vehicle. A trip to the park, to the zoo or if you live on a farm, this little beauty will be just the ticket.

Large inflatable wheels are the main characteristic of these chairs and apart from selecting a manual or electric version,you can also include features such as reclining frames, cup holders and sunbrellas. There is a selection of beach wheelchair suppliers to purchase from, but hiring might be the way to go if all you need it for is the beach.

Beach Wheelchair Rental 

Efficient planning is the key to a successful beach trip and if you wish to hire a chair, then here are some tips you might find useful:

If you're considering going abroad, it is worth knowing, many Californian and Florida beaches will lend sandchairs free of charge, but as a rule, you can pre-book beach wheelchairs from mobility hire companies who will deliver the equipment to your hotel for convenience.

In the UK, local Tourist Information offices should be able to provide details on how to book beach wheelchairs and where to collect from. Many sandchairs are stored in local cafes, harbor offices and lifeguard stations but do bear in mind, the staff at these locations may not have the necessary training or equipment to transfer you into the chair. To avoid disappointment, it is worthwhile booking a chair in advance as many beaches only have two or three available, even in peak season. On most occasions you will have to provide I.D when you collect the chair, so you should check what type of I.D would suffice before your arrival, as well as the cost of hire and deposit amount required. Upon collection, always ask for a demonstration as chairs do vary. You may also want to store your own wheelchair or scooter whilst using the beach wheelchair, so do ask if this is possible. For further information and advise, you can contact the Society For Accessible Travel And Hospitality (SATH).

The future also looks bright for the beach wheelchair and its users. Already there are conversion kits to convert regular wheelchairs, amphibious models to take you from the back of your SUV across the sand straight into the sea or swimming pool, and power chairs that can go at pretty impressive speeds up to ten miles per hour. Next stop?The annual beach wheelchair championships! 

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