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Asthma Travel Insurance

Asthma Travel Insurance

Asthma is a common respiratory condition in adults and even more so in children, with one in five households being affected – that’s over 5.2 million people in the UK alone! But did you know when it comes to holidays, if you forget to tell your travel insurer about it, you run the risk of being out of pocket should an unexpected asthma attack happen? That’s right, even though asthma is common; it’s not something that will be automatically covered under the ‘Emergency Medical Expenses’ cover of a travel insurance policy.  The same goes for cancellation, and should you become unwell due to asthma and cannot travel, you would want to claim back the cost of the holiday, so the answer is to declare asthma and confirm with your insurer that your policy covers it.

Travel Insurance for Children with Asthma

If you’re a parent of a child who is under the age of five, who has had asthmatic symptoms and been prescribed an inhaler, you may get stuck when it comes to applying for asthma travel insurance cover. Doctors do not tend to give a confirmed diagnosis of asthma until a child reaches a certain age; this is because young children’s airways can become irritated very easily by viruses and it may not necessarily be asthma. The problem is, travel insurers will not cover an undiagnosed condition.  So what do you do to make sure you and your child are protected? Check with your doctor the medical term they have written on the medical records, it often tends to be ‘Viral Induced Wheeze’ also known as ‘RSV Bronchiolitis’ or ‘Respiratory Syncytial Viral Bronchiolitis’ – if this is the case, this is what you declare. Therefore, should your child require steroid treatment or have to be hospitalised whilst on holiday, you can claim against your policy for out of pocket expenses in the same way you would with travel insurance for asthma (subject to insurers terms and conditions).

Applying for Travel Insurance with Asthma

You will have to complete a medical screening and answer questions about your asthma. This allows insurers to do a quick risk assessment and calculate the premium. To save you the time and hassle of searching for asthma travel insurance quotes, we have a fantastic comparison tool so you only have to complete a medical screening one time to receive multiple quotes. Here you can compare cover with very competitive premiums from a panel of different insurers. You can then select the cover that best meets your holiday plans and buy online. It’s very quick and simple and hopefully it will help you save some money! If for any reason you are declined cover, let us know here at Disability Holidays Guide and we will try and refer you to an insurer who will be sympathetic to your needs.

We hope this information was helpful and if so, please share it - We wish you a fantastic holiday!