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Diabetes Travel Insurance

Diabetes Travel Insurance

The medical condition of diabetes can be a complicated condition but getting diabetic travel insurance really doesn’t have to be! This article is designed to give you the information you need to a) help you find the right cover and b) help you get competitive quotes, so you don’t pay out more than you have to.

Travel Insurance for Diabetes – What You Need to Know:

Generally, diabetes is not a condition that is automatically covered on a travel insurance policy, which means, if you become unwell because of diabetes and require medical treatment on holiday, you can’t claim for out of pocket expenses under the ‘emergency medical expenses’ section. This also applies to cancelling the trip if you become unfit to travel.  So, the best way to ensure you’re protected is to declare you’re diabetic to the insurer and confirm cover is included. Even if your diabetes is well managed and you feel you don’t need extra cover, you should consider ‘what if the unthinkable happens?’ because once you’ve travelled, you won’t be able to get cover.

It’s also worth knowing, that adding travelling companions onto the same policy, means that they too can claim should your diabetes cause them any trip complications (subject to insurers terms and conditions). If they have no medical conditions themselves, they should only be charged a standard rate.

Does Having Diabetes Affect The Premium?

If you’re diabetes is well managed and you’ve not suffered any other related medical conditions, particularly relating to your heart and blood circulation, you should be able to get quotes that include cover for diabetes at no additional premium. That’s not to say you won’t get cover if you have had complications but the cost may be higher. Diabetes travel insurance quotes will be subject to a medical screening and the answers you give, allow insurers to assess the risk and calculate the premium. Be sure to give accurate answers and declare all diagnosed conditions including high blood pressure and cholesterol medication, even if you’re only taking them for preventative reasons, because insurers may verify this in the event of a claim by requesting information about your medical records.

Where to Get Diabetes Travel Insurance?

To save you time and hassle searching for competitive quotes, we have implemented an expert travel insurance comparison tool, which allows you to declare diabetes and complete a medical screening just once. You can then view multiple diabetic travel insurance quotes from a panel of different insurers. Simply select the cover and the price that best suits your holiday plans, pay securely online and receive your documents within minutes! If for any reason, you are declined, do give us a shout here at Disability Holidays Guide and we will do our best to refer you to an insurer that will be sympathetic to your needs.

If you have found this information helpful, please spread the word and share this article….. Now go and have a great holiday!