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Disability Holidays

Go Provence Supported Holidays

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Fancy a Supported holiday in the sun?

Go Provence can provide you with a supported holiday in the stunning Gorges du Verdon, Provence, South of France. Join our experienced and CRB checked team for a week or two of fun.We can support you from your nearest airport of train station down to us and back again. We have lived in France for 8 years, are French speakers and know the region intimately. See our website for an in depth idea of who and where we are.Get a taste of what to expect from one of our holidays by watching one of our films on the website.

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  • Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
  • CarersCarers
Go Provence Brochure

Quality Support and Care

From the moment you contact us we begin to plan the holiday around the client.  We send a comprehensive questionaire for completion that enables us to build a suitable supported holiday.  This affects the activities we include, the food we create for the menu and helps us assess the required support needs.  We may feel that the client requries additional support from home.  If this is the case, the accompanying support worked is charged just for their flight and accommodation. 

We construct risk assessments from the questionaires and, if neccessary, individual medication records.  If required, we can arrange for support on the flight or train journey to us.  A full feedback sheet will be handed back with the client to show details of activities, additional medication needed for illness or minor problems like a headache or colds, details of any incidents and general day to day happenings.  We maintain regular contact with the clients support at home to ensure the best support.  On arrival, we go through general health and safety, raising awareness of the new environment and explaining how to stay safe during the clients visit. 

Respite Breaks For Carers

If you are a carer for someone who has a learning disability and feel that you would like a holiday as well, we can arrange separate accommodation for you, about half an hour away from where our holidays are based. This means you can travel down with the person you care for and then have a much needed break, having the peace of mind that you are only a short drive away if you are needed. We offer you cost price for this service. This means you pay only the price to hire the accommodation, the flight and a car if you need it. Please see one letter of feedback from a Mum who came down with her two adult children.


We have a range of accommodation to choose from.  The accommodation that we choose for your holiday will depend on the availability, what is suitable for you and what type of accommodation you desire.  All of the accommodation that we use has been thoroughly inspected by Go Provence to ensure it's suitability and safety for our clients

Our Activities

At Go Provence, you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. If you would like to get involved in our activities,we have a whole range of activities that are tailored to suit you. Activities include;

• Kayaking in the Gorge
• St Tropez Mini Cruise
• Trip Around the Gorges Du Verdon
• Electric Boat Cruise in The Gorge Du Verdon
• Wine Tasting
• French Lessons
• Boules (Petanque)

Here's what our clients say...

"Thank you for giving Maureen a great holiday; she really enjoyed it. Hope you are having a rest now" Support worker at Freeways

"Thank you very much for the great and interesting holiday you gave Paul. Paul had a great holiday and he slept for 2 days on his return! Thank you for the disc of photos you sent, the pictures were lovely. I can see from them why Paul had a great time" Parent of Paul

"Go Provence Holiday are all about enjoying the countryside, good food, peace and quiet. But plenty to do as well...if you want to!" An extract from Our Say Magazine.

"Well Andrew really seems to have had a good time with you all. So far we have had none stop talking starting from when we left you at the airport together and then hour by hour till you got back to Birmingham. We have studied the map together and he has remembered it all. He is now catching up on his favourite TV programmes" Dorothy

"Thanks for giving us all a good time on holiday in France, I had a lovely time and I look forward to coming again next year for 2 weeks" Isa

"We found your service extremely helpful and both our service users really enjoyed their holiday with you in the South of France. Both service users have requested to use your company again for future holidays" Florence Voller - Deputy Manager, Outward Housing

"When I picked up Carey from the train station she snivelled all the way home (whilst telling me what she had been up to) so I knew she had had a great time! She seemed to have particularly enjoyed the circus, boats and especially her birthday meal and cheesecake. I loved reading the report, it sounded an amazing holiday, and just what she needed. Thank you all so much! Your care and support of everyone is excellent, it’s lovely to get the feedback and hear a wider account of what everyone got
up to."
Liz - Building Bridges

"The best bit of our holiday in Provence was walking in on Friday night and seeing the grin on Toni’s face.  The whole time we were in your company that evening she kept catching our eye and beaming.  It is a very precious memory.   Thank you very much to everyone for all your kindnesses to Toni." - Lorna Duffin, parent of Toni, who had a carers holiday 30 minutes away whilst we support Toni to have an independent holiday.

'When you first sent us photographs of the holiday and it was evident Richard was having a fantastic time,  I want you to know, what this has meant to us. To think that people who are strangers to us have such caring ways and create a wonderful time for our son, is truly magnificent and we all in our family are extremely touched by this.'  - Mrs.  Moser, mother of Richard who had a supported holiday with us in 2014.

Go Provence Payment Plan

We have set up a payment plan to help you organise and pay for your holiday in a way that is more suitable for you. You can spread the cost of the holiday over a period of time that fits in with your lifestyle.
For example, a £1380 Go Provence supported holiday can be paid in one of the following payment plans.

A. £271.25 deposit paid in January for an August holiday. Then six monthly payments of £135.63

B. £400 deposit paid in March for a June holiday. Then two monthly payments of £342.50.

C. £250 deposit paid in September for a following August holiday. Then ten monthly payments of £83.50

How the payment plan is constructed is up to you. We just need a minimum of £250 deposit.

How do I start a payment plan for my holiday?

It is really simple. Firstly, decide how you would like to spread your payments. Second, contact Go Provence on the above contact details stating which dates you would like a holiday and how you would like to pay. Thirdly, we will send you a form to fill in which you can send back to us with your deposit.

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