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Travel Insurance for HIV

HIV Travel Insurance

When it comes to getting travel insurance that includes HIV, you will be pleased to learn that the majority of travel insurers nowadays will offer cover. Our Director, Victoria Moses, has many years’ experience of working in the specialist travel insurance market and says ‘over the years, with the advances in medication, insurers have come to realise HIV is a condition that can be well managed and poses a low risk in terms of medical claims. This means that people living with HIV can get a fair deal and are not limited in the choice of cover levels available, like they once where’.

Why Buy Travel Insurance For HIV?

If you buy a policy that covers your HIV, you can claim should you become unwell abroad because of it and require medical treatment or have to cancel the trip (subject to insurers’ policy terms and conditions). It’s also wise to add your travelling companions on the same policy, so if you’re HIV causes them trip complications, they can claim too.

Applying  for HIV Travel Insurance

HIV is a condition that is not automatically covered on a travel insurance policy and will be subject to a medical screening just like any other medical condition. Due to the sensitivities surrounding HIV, you may not feel comfortable or be in an environment where you want to speak openly, so applying online is not only convenient but a great solution to protect your privacy.  We’re not a travel insurer, but as we know the market quite well, we can point you in the right direction and help you get a competitive price! We’ve implemented an expert comparison tool which gives people with HIV the flexibility to customise their cover and select a quote that best suits their holiday plans. You only have to complete the medical screening one time to receive multiple HIV travel insurance quotes – It’s all very quick and straight forward!

Will Having HIV Affect the Premium?

When completing the medical screening via the comparison tool, you will be asked the following questions:

• In the last three months have you started a new antiviral drug or is a new drug planned?
• What is your CD4 count?
• If you have been on antiviral treatment for more than three months, what is your latest viral load?
• Have you been advised to start or alter anti-viral treatment but chosen not to?

The premium will be calculated based on the way you answer these questions and will reflect the level of cover you need for your individual circumstance. If you have been on anti-viral’s for some time and your CD4 Count is high and your Viral Load is low, it’s likely that HIV travel insurance cover will be the same price as someone who doesn’t have the condition. Please be aware, if you have been advised to start or alter anti-viral treatment but chosen not to, insurers will decline cover.

If you’re planning on taking two or more holidays a year, get a quote for annual cover, it may be more cost effective and save you money!

We hope this helps you get the cover you need and if you have found this information helpful, please share it. We wish you a fabulous holiday!