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Disability Holidays

Holidays For Blind People

Holidays For Blind and Visually Impaired People

Whether you wish to be a solo traveller or travel with a group, you can experience the holiday of a lifetime thanks to some of the companies we feature on Disability Holidays Guide, that provide sensory experience holidays to some of the world’s most exciting destinations like New Zealand, The U.S.A, Austrailia and Canada, to name a few.  Whatever type of holiday you have in mind, you can use our Guide to find the right option for you, be it an activity break, cruises, theme breaks, a relaxing spa break, or just some good old fashion fun in the sun! Here at Disability Holidays Guide.com, when it comes to holidays for blind and visually impaired people, we're all about choice and providing as many quality options as possible, so why not bookmark our site and visit us regularly to see what’s new!

Activity Holidays for Blind People

Activity holidays have become increasingly popular for blind people and those who are visually impaired and in the last few years, more and more options have become available. Skiing is one such activity and we are very pleased to say, we work very closely with a few companies that are amongst the very best in the world at providing all inclusive, skiing holidays for blind and visually impaired people. These companies are adept at matching you with the right instructor and at the right resort, leaving you to get on with the serious business of snowflakes and snowboards. There are other activity breaks available such as deep-sea diving, sailing, mountain climbing and indoor activities with specially trained instructors on hand to make your holiday a great experience.

Hotels for Blind People

A very busy hotel can be an intimidating place for someone who is partially sighted or blind but thankfully, you can search the Guide to find specialist hotels for blind and visually impaired people. These hotels have special facilities like talking lifts, kettles with liquid level indicators, talking alarm clocks and menus, tourist information and menus in Braille/ large print, colour contrasting surfaces, tactile signs and much more, all designed to make your holiday a hassle-free one.

So, with so many great options available, the big question is; where would you like to go?!

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