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Disability Holidays

About Us

DisabilityHolidaysGuide.com is an online advertising and marketing platform for companies and property owners that operate in the travel and leisure industry and can offer services to disabled holidaymakers and those living with pre-existing medical conditions.

The Guide is run by a small team of professionals who have a wealth of experience in sales, digital marketing, social care, the travel industry and the impaired travel insurance market. On the whole, we’re you’re average Joes and passionate about barrier free travel. Like most people, we have family and friends who are elderly, live with disabilities and medical conditions. More importantly, we like to include them in our holiday plans!

Holidays present a much-needed break for disabled people and their carers but sadly, many are put off making travel arrangements as options can be limited, and we’ve found that many businesses shy away from advertising to the disability market, for fear of not meeting accessibility standards.  For this reason, we felt there was a definite need to introduce more accessible holiday opportunities and encourage businesses and property owners to open up their doors. We like to point out that disability is not always physical and although disabled people may have some special requirements, like any other customer, they are looking for great service, value for money and a positive attitude.

The term ‘disability’ covers an umbrella of circumstances and affects people in many different ways from congenital and inherited medical conditions to long-term physical disability resulting from spinal injury and degenerative disorders. Some people are slow walkers simply due to old age whilst others have disabilities as a result of a stroke, cancer, heart, renal or lung conditions and not to forget those hidden disabilities like mental illness, dementia and learning disabilities, the list goes on. With this in mind, we have applied a fresh approach and designed a user friendly, holiday inspiring website that caters for all types of disability and focuses on what’s most important – a person’s ability!

We offer affordable and effective advertising so companies of all sizes and budgets can join the community here at DisabiityHolidaysGuide.com. We help companies highlight what accessible features (no matter how small) they can provide and market them so they attract business from people with disabilities whom they can help rather than get lots of enquiries from people they can’t.  Our advertisers are responsible for their own content and although we cannot take responsibility for information supplied via links to external websites, it’s important to us that companies who do advertise on our website, do not mislead our visitors, and this is why we investigate and approve all content first hand.

We really hope you find our website and services beneficial, whether you’re a disabled holidaymaker or advertiser, and with any luck, more disabled people and their travelling companions can enjoy stress free holidays year after year!

So that’s us, Disability Holidays Guide at your service!

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Disability Holidays Guide
Unit 8, Victoria Way, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7SH