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Mobility Scooter Hire

Mobility Scooter Hire

Why Rent a Scooter for Your Holiday?

If you don’t want the stress of taking your own mobility scooter on holiday, then you don’t have to. We feature some great mobility scooter hire companies that can assist you on your travels. Renting a mobility scooter is a great way to ensure you have the independence you need to explore your surroundings. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your own breaking down, getting damaged or even lost in transit.

Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter to Hire

To help your holiday run smoothly, you will want a scooter that’s suited to your build and weight for comfort and a model that is compatible with your holiday plans. For instance, if you’re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing you will want a scooter that’s reliable and can go the distance. You may also want to consider hiring a portable folding ramp, it could come in handy, especially if you find there is a lack of dropped curbs where you need them. You will find some mobility scooter hire companies include ramps with the rental. 

Mobility scooter rental agents generally offer at least three solutions:

Lightweight Portable Mobility Scooters

If you’re not planning on straying far from your accommodation or holiday resort then these scooters are ideal as they are designed for short distances with a typical range of 10 miles on a full battery. These models are available in both 3 and 4 wheel versions. And, if you plan to hire a car on holiday, they normally fit in the boot with ease.

Mid Sized Mobility Scooters

These four-wheeled scooters tend to be the most popular. Perfect for longer distances, running approx 20 miles on a full battery and carrying up to 21 stone in weight. These models often break down into 5 pieces without the need for tools and can be transported in a medium sized car if need be.

Large Mobility Scooter Hire

Ideal for those who want extra room, comfort and power. These models tend to have all the bells and whistles with rear view mirrors and indicators. They go that little bit further with up to 25 miles on a full battery and carry between 25 – 30 stone in weight.

Booking Your Electric Scooter

It’s quite simple, book the scooter you require and it will be delivered to your accommodation for when you arrive and collected when you have finished. Normally you will be asked for a security deposit at the time of booking, which is refundable on the safe return of all items supplied.

Speak to the mobility scooter hire company and tell them your holiday plans and where you are staying. If you select a local company to where you are staying, they should be able to inform you of the state of the pavements and terrain and advise which scooter models are best.

Charging the Battery on Holiday

Rental Mobility Scooters come with their own re-charger that simply plugs into a socket, just like at home in the UK. Never wait until the battery is low before charging and if you’ve got a busy day planned give it a good charge the night before.

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Check with the scooter rental agent for level of insurance they provide. Many will cover theft as standard but its important to know how you stand if you have an accident or cause damage to property or another person when using a hired scooter. Do inform your travel insurer that you intend to hire a scooter as they may include cover for personal accident and personal liability for electric scooter use whilst on holiday.

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