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Disability Holidays

Redpoint Holidays

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Enjoy The Trip Of A Lifetime With Redpoint!

Redpoint Holidays are based in Fugen, Austria and we make skiing possible for anyone with a learning or physical disability to get out on the piste and enjoy the slopes. Our expert instructors have years of experience in introducing programs that allow disabled skiers to enjoy skiing.

Ref: DHG208ASH


  • Wheelchair UsersWheelchair Users
  • Assisted Wheelchair UsersAssisted Wheelchair Users
  • Limited MobilityLimited Mobility
  • Visually ImpairedVisually Impaired
  • Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired
  • Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
  • CarersCarers
You can choose to stay choice of accommodation including B&Bs, 4* hotels and self catering apartments. All hotels are typically 4* and have accessible lifts to all areas of the hotel and wheelchair accessible rooms.

Accessible, ground floor self-catering apartments are available and can sleep up to 11 guests and are ideal if you would like to experience the nightlife and all that the village has to offer.

Our disabled ski holidays are tailored to suit your individual needs and are designed to ensured your trip is as hassle free as possible. We simply ask you to complete a short information sheet detailing as much information as possible so we can assess your individual needs, after which our disabled holiday specialist will get in touch to finalise plans before we go ahead and book for you. We offer a range of travel options designed to suit your individual needs including flying, ferry crossing or by road. Your holiday package includes accommodation, specialist equipment and instructor training.

Specialist Equipment

We have a whole range of specialist equipment designed with the disabled skier in mind and ensures that almost anyone with a disability can get down the piste. These include;

Outriggers - These are long and short crutch-like devices with short skis on the bottom; ideal for balancing.

Mono Ski - Perfect for athletic types who find standing up difficult or impossible. Single ski with outriggers for balance plus shock absorbers provide smooth ride.

Bi-Ski - Seated equipment with 2 skis and several attachments. Stabilizers can be attached to allow ski to be turned simply by moving your head side to side.

Tethers - Webbing that can be attached to allow your instructor to assist and help with balance or control.

Ski Tip Holders - Stops the skis from going too close or too far apart. Tethers allow the instructor to assist with steering from behind.

Lift Quick Release - Used for sitting equipment to allow skiers to ride the t-bars and button lifts.

Bibs and Radios - High visibility bibs alert people that the skier is visually impared. Radios are used for skiers with hearing difficulties.

Skis, Boots and Poles - Some stand up skiers will simply need to hire regular equipment. Our resort team will be on hand to assist.

Skiing Methods

We have several ski methods tailored to different types of disabilities, from spinal injuries and MS to fatigue.

BI SKI - This method is designed for people with fatigue or with a physical disability that makes it difficult to control movements. Attachments allow the instructor to do all the work while the skier sits back and enjoy the ride. Example;

• We had a lady with MS , fatigue, difficulty walking and a visual impairment learn to ski.

A father learnt to assist his son who has CP to ski the Bi-Ski

A man with a spinal injury C7 and no hand grip could ski assisted down Red Run

MONO SKIING - This originate from the desire to get mainly wheelchair users out onto the snow and to ski on different surfaces. Example;

  A man with a spinal injury at T7 with his own mono-ski, joined the Days Out Group.

• A man with Spina Bifida who uses a wheelchair was able to ski.

STANDUP SKIING - Thanks to ski lifts and gravity, many disabled skiers find stand up sking easier than to get around on a daily basis. Example;

• A lady with Spina Difida which affected her below the hips.

• A lady with Multiple Sclerosis who had no feeling in her feet or hands.

• A girl with Downs Syndrome learnt to ski.

3 TRACK SKIING - Gets the name from the fact that skiers uses only 1 with mini skis on the bottom, leaving 3 tracks in the snow. Example;

• A girl with prosthetic learnt to ski from beginner level.

• Experienced skier with an above knee amputation came skiing with his family

VISUALLY IMPAIRED - Visually impaired skiers with a guide that positions themselves in a way to lead the way down those slopes. A visually impaired skier without a second disability learns the same skiing technique as you would in a ski group. Example;

• A man with detached retina in both eyes

• A man with partial vision in his left eye.
"I had a great week skiing and the group were shall we say entertaining! Everyone got on really well and I had a great time, very glad that I decided to go in the end." S. Cartwright

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