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Disability Holidays


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Inspiring Skiing Holidays For All Abilities!

At Ski2Freedom we strongly believe that having the opportunity to take part in snow-sport activities is not only wonderfully therapeutic but it also greatly improves self-confidence off the slopes too. It is also an ideal way to bring families and loved ones closer together. We want you to experience the exhilaration, joy, challenges and freedom of the mountains in some of the most breathtaking ski mountains in the world, including North America, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and The Pyrenees.

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  • Wheelchair UsersWheelchair Users
  • Assisted Wheelchair UsersAssisted Wheelchair Users
  • Limited MobilityLimited Mobility
  • Visually ImpairedVisually Impaired
  • Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired
  • Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
  • ElderlyElderly
  • Mental IllnessMental Illness
  • CarersCarers
Ski 2 Freedom believes that the mountains are accessible for everyone!  What sport or activity is taken is entirely dependent on the individual and the nature of the disability, special need, illness or medical condition - the choices are amazing! 

Skiing, nordic ski, cross-country skiing, heli-skiing, off-piste or snowboarding are not the only options available people with a disability, special need or illness - there are so many other activities which can be enjoyed and we are delighted to provide some information about these.  Many events take place around the world which can be enjoyed either as a disabled participant or just as a spectator. 

Worldwide Ski Resorts

We offer skiing holiday opportunities to worldwide destinations, throughout the year. We work very closely with ski holiday providers around the world and are happy to take on the challenge of offering something different to destinations such as North and South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the popular ski resorts in Europe.


Although we do not provide accommodation ourselves, we can help you find suitable accommodation, whether you are looking for chalets, apartments or hotels. Simply let us know at your earliest possible convenience and we will make a few enquiries for you.
Many villages and ski resorts have incredible programmes of theatre, cinema, music, jazz, festivals, etc. throughout the winter and these can be enjoyed and give life lasting memories. Take advantage of the health spas and wellness centres now in all ski resorts. Swim in the outdoor heated pool or take a leisurely massage. Snow golf, polo, horse racing, anything is possible!

If food is the love of your life then why not sample the many gastronomic delights to be found either on the mountain, accessible now by many cable-cars, chair lifts, or by tandemski, or in the ski resort - simple mountain food to the more high end michelin star restaurants, a treat is in store.  You too can sit on the sunny terrace and enjoy the delights, laughter and fun that is surrounding you!

For The Latest Update on What it is Like Participating in Snowsports do Visit our Blog


“People should believe that their children can do anything. My mum wasn’t sure if I would walk, but she believed in me, and so did my dad and now I can ski!" Hugo aged 12

“Thank you so much for all your help, I had an amazing time!! I’m so glad I decided to use the outriggers and single ski. This holiday has been a massive achievement for me”. Jack, 21 years old, with a single high leg amputation

"What I did learn from my holiday was that being in the mountains, with beautiful views and being part of what is going on around is a fantastic feeling, worth putting yourself out for. I also learned that I could do it but I had to make the effort. We really could have a family holiday.” Mrs G (MS)
There are many variables affecting the prices of the pacckages we offer, ie. time of year, group or solo, etc. Please give us a call or drop us an email and we will arrange for you.

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