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Disability Holidays

Sparkle Leisure

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Supported Holidays For Adults In The UK And Abroad

Sparkle Leisure is a non profit making service and part of CrossReach's Eskmills Project, which has 12 years' experience facilitating holidays and short breaks for people with learning disabilities. We aim to provide a range of holidays and short breaks to suit a variety of budgets, offering real choice and alternatives to people who receive respite care, and for those who need support to go on holiday. All our guests are treated as individuals whose needs and preferences will be respected at all times by our friendly professional staff.

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  • Wheelchair UsersWheelchair Users
  • Assisted Wheelchair UsersAssisted Wheelchair Users
  • Limited MobilityLimited Mobility
  • Visually ImpairedVisually Impaired
  • Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired
  • Learning DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
  • ElderlyElderly
  • Mental IllnessMental Illness
  • CarersCarers

About Us...

Sparkle Leisure is run through Eskmills, which is a branch of CrossReach (the social care arm of The Church of Scotland).  Through Eskmills we have had 16 years experience in providing holidays for adults with learning disabilities.  In 2010 Sparkle Leisure developed and expanded to provide holidays for all adults (over the age of 16) needing support and assistance. 

Sparkle Leisure believes that everybody is entitled to a holiday; and at a cost effective price.  We do this by holding a review every year that anybody with an interest in Sparkle Leisure is invited to.  From here we gather the interests and wishes of the people who go on our holidays; as well as the people who support them and make a brochure for all people based on these ideas and suggestions.

We use reliable and trusted holiday destinations for all of our supported breaks; to ensure the highest quality of care whilst away.  Through a pre-holiday assessment we will ensure that all of the needs of the individual are catered for before travelling to the destination of their choice; and provide support for them from the departure point right up until and including the return point. 

If you would like support from your home, no matter where it is, this is a possibility as well; we will simply add this into the cost of the break and ensure that there is a carer there to pick you up at the start and assist you home at the end. 

Every year, our holiday updates will tell you all you need to know about all of the places we will be going and how to get in touch with us. These holiday updates will be sent out continuously throughout the year. Also, whenever we add new holidays, we will update everyone on our mailing list. 

Why choose Sparkle Leisure?

  1. All of the holidays we book have been chosen by people who regularly use our service; and are therefore holidays that people are keen on having
  2. We provide active, frontline support from the start right up until the end of the holiday.  (the start point for most holidays being Edinburgh; however, if you would like to be picked up from your home this can be added to the holiday costs for you).
  3. We are a not for profit service.  This means that we source and provide holidays and support which are; hopefully; the cheapest you can find. 
  4. Our experienced; qualified staff who support with Sparkle Leisure ensure that each person who comes with us get a “real holiday experience” and have the opportunity to do what they want when away with us. 
  5. The guest is always at the centre of everything we do; and if you want to have real choice and real opportunities then book with us.
  6. We offer tailor made holidays as well; so if there is something that specifically interests you that is not in our brochure we can organise this for you as well.
  7. We will do all of the organising for you; so there is nothing to worry about.
Registered Charity No. SC011353

About Our Holidays...

We provide holidays for a variety of budgets; so whilst there will be some holidays abroad; there will also be a number of UK (and Scotland) based holidays where the cost will be relatively lower. 

We also provide themed breaks to festivals, concerts and conventions (like Doctor Who); so if there is something you are interested in then we can develop a themed break around this for you.

Each year we go to Blackpool; and try to make the experience better every year. We will be attending Blackpool this year in May, July and October. We use a variety of hotels in different locations within Blackpool to provide guests with choice of where they would like to stay.

As well as this; we will be visiting the Gateway to The Highlands of Scotland (Pitlochry) staying in log cabins by the river.

For all of these and more please take a look at our Brochure. 

Transport and Accommodation

All of our accommodation is based on 2 people sharing a standard room.  However; if you would like an individual, or adapted room let us know and we can arrange this for you.  Where possible, we do book adapted rooms as practice; however in some circumstances this may not be possible.

We make use of a variety of different transport methods.  For abroad holidays we generally fly; to holidays further afield in the United Kingdom we travel by train; and for more domestic, Scottish (or northern England) holidays we will often travel by bus.  If you are in need of assistance for travelling, then let us know and we can organise adapted transport for you.

What Our Holidaymakers Say...

One guest has said they liked the holidays and “got on with all of the people on them!”.

Another has said:  One the whole “The accommodation was great! The staff have taken  care of all the details so that the guests can have a relaxing holiday.”

One guest who went to Oban for a Youth Hostelling holiday said:  “I really enjoyed all of the activities and having a drink on the ferry!”

Another guests explained that the staff are all:  “very caring and helpful”

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