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SunnyRoth Villas



Come and enjoy Hungary...

SunnyRoth Villas offer four, fully accessible, tastefully decorated, self catering apartments sleeping one to four people, in the Hungarian spa town of Zalakaros, which has become a popular tourist choice for its vast array of spa pools, proven to be of great benefit to disabled people and those living with medical conditions. The apartments and surrounding complex at SunnyRoth Villas have been carefully designed by the owner, who is paraplegic and been a wheelchair user for the last 25 years, so that everyone who visits can enjoy a holiday without having to worry about accessibility barriers!

Ref: DHG259AC


  • Wheelchair UsersWheelchair Users
  • Assisted Wheelchair UsersAssisted Wheelchair Users
  • Limited MobilityLimited Mobility
  • Visually ImpairedVisually Impaired
  • Hearing ImpairedHearing Impaired
  • CarersCarers


About Our Accessible Apartments...

SunnyRoth Villas offer four spacious, ground floor self catering apartments, each sleeping up to four people. The buildings have been designed with great consideration by the owner who is paraplegic [t3/t4] to make all areas of this holiday complex fully accessible. The apartments themselves provide a comfortable stay that is hassle free so disabled people, their family and carers can truly relax and unwind on holiday without the worry of practical difficulties.

Home from home

Each apartment comprises a large living/dining area with a double bed and good quality mattress, two bedside cabinets, mirrored double wardrobe, chest of drawers, settee and two chairs with coffee table, and satellite t.v. There is a fully fitted kitchen with wall and floor cupboards, breakfast bar with stools, four ring hob, microwave oven, kettle and toaster. All pans, crockery and utensils are also provided, as is an iron, ironing board and foldaway clothes airer. All doors are 90cm wide to allow easy access around the apartment and all taps are lever operated. All sheets and bedding are provided, but please bring your own towels. Use of an automatic washing machine, with soap powder and fabric conditioner is available at a small charge and this is housed in a separate building. There is also a hoist available should one be required, at no extra cost.

The Bedrooms

Each bedroom is tastefully decorated and contains a double bed or twin bed with two bedside cabinets.The light switches are accessible from just above the bed as well as the doorway.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a wheel in shower room, fully tiled from floor to ceiling. There is a built in padded seat in one corner of the room which has been designed at wheelchair height, to enable easy transfer. The shower is wall mounted at two possible mounting points, standing or sitting, and soft grip grab rails have been strategically mounted to the walls. The wash basin allows enough room for a wheelchair to fit easily underneath and the toilet has two lift up support arms.

The Pool Area

The swimming pool has been designed at the same height as a wheelchair to allow easy slide across transfer onto the poolside. The pool also incorporates a sloped ramp as well as steps, leading into the water. Ramped paving surrounds the pool and there is a handrail on one of the ramps, and as you can see in the photo gallery above, there is also a pool hoist/ chair. 

The Outside Area

At the far end of the pool there is a large summerhouse with 360* views of the surrounding countryside. There are two large tables and benches, ice cream sales and of course ice cold beer and table football. There is a play area for children too with swings, tents, playhouse and other games to entertain them whilst you relax. In high season, there is a barbecue and local entertainment each Saturday evening at a small cost. A cyclone hand tracker is available for use at no extra cost.

Breakfast at SunnyRoth Vilas

We offer a tranditional english cooked breakfast which is available upon request at a small cost per head. Our hearty breakfasts are great if you don't want to cook of a morning and will set you up for the day ahead.

About Holidays in Zalakaros, Hungary...

Zalakaros is a lovely town set in the South West of Hungary and it boasts some of the most beautiful wildlife in Europe. Since joining the EU in 2004, Hungary has become a popular tourist destination due to its cheap holidays, excellent weather and good exchange rate. Here at SunnyRoth Villas, we offer relaxation and entertainment, so you can do as much or as little as you like. Come along to our traditional Gulash party with Hungarian folk dancers, join us for a BBQ and a night of Karaoke, have a go at archery, darts and badminton or spend the day lazing by the pool, its entirely up to you!

SunnyRoth Villas is also an ideal base from which to explore this fantastic area of Hungary, which has many accessible attractions, like it's vast array of therapeutic spa pools and a wide variety of shops and restaurants. We can arrange tours on horse and cart to the winery for a taste of the local wines and a meal, fishing and hunting trips and even flying lessons and skiing (during the winter). You will find excellent cycle paths in the area too, making for a lovely stroll or push to the centre, and if you fancy a bike ride, we offer a hand bike with wheelchair for the use of our disabled guests.

The Zalakaros Thermal Spa Complex

During your stay at SunnyRoth Villas, we highly recommend a visit to the thermal spa complex, which is only one kilometre away.These pools have proven to be of great benefit to disabled and elderly people, and especially those with rheumatic conditions. Here you can enjoy all kinds of therapeutic massage and reflexology treatments too. The vast thermal spa complex in Zalakaros boasts a range of bars and restaurants as well as water-slides and wave-pools.The whole family can be occupied for a whole day for very little money. The complex is open 365 days a year thus making it an ideal place to visit during the quieter winter months.

The Water at the Spa Complex

The thermal water at the spa is of 53 C and pumped by two wells, coming from the Pannon layer and has alkaline-chloride and hydrogen carbonate content. This water, which is declared as medicinal water in other baths in the country, is mainly used in the wellness and fun baths (outdoor thermal pools, sports pool, children’s pool and fun baths). All of the pools here are filled with thermal water and equipped with water-revolving and filtering equipment.The unique waters contain calcium, magnesium hydrogen carbonate, sulphur+chloride, which provides natural cures for locomotor disorders, acute and degenerative arthritis, nervous system disorders, cardiac and vascular lesion, chronic gynaecological, skin complaints such as eczema and dental problems. This water is excellent for rehabilitation and post-treatment of patients who have undergone orthopaedic and traumatic surgery too.

Treatments Available at the Spa Complex

Experienced doctors and highly qualified staff are on hand to care for all visitors at themedical thermal spa complex. Treatments are customized based upon a preliminary consultation to establish a persons physical condition and current health status.The possible variations of treaments is virtually unlimted.Treatments on offer include:

  • Weight bath
  • Effervescent bath
  • Massage
  • 4-section galvanic
  • Tangentor
  • Dry carbonic acid
  • Entire body galvanic
  • Stimulus circuit
  • Ultrasonographic treatment
  • Magnetic ring
  • Sole massage
  • Medical gymnastics individual
  • Medical gymnastics group (3 persons)
  • Water gymnastics
  • Parafango
  • Other packs
  • Complex treatment

In and Around Zalakaros...

There is a wide variety of bars and restaurants and a family of four could enjoy a three course meal with drinks, for approximately 12,000 FT. Next to the spa complex is the local market which sells local handicrafts etc.There is a chemist, post office, bicycle hire, small fairground and a couple of supermarkets, plus various other shops, too numerous to mention. The local nightclub is also near the spa complex and here you can enjoy karaoke as well.The night club is 1.5 km from the villas, so no nosie of the club at the villas. In high season every two weeks, the locals hold wine festivals with food and handicraft stalls and Hungarian entertainment.


Hungarians love to go fishing, and it’s no wonder, because there is a plethora of fishing lakes. The two largest ones are, Kis Balaton, which is only a few kilometres away and Lake Balaton, which is fifty miles wide and stunningly beautiful, about a half hour drive away.On certain days of the year, the Hungarian rowing teams have tournaments on the Balaton, and this is spectacular!

Buffalo reserve of Kápolnapuszta

Buffalo reserve KápolnapusztaIn Kápolnapuszta, situated between Zalakomár and Balatonmagyaród, approximately 80 buffalos live in a reserve. A paved road leads to the reserve. At the reserve there are parking places, esplanades and a lookout turret awaiting the visitors, who in good weather can have a splendid view of the Balaton highlands.


Once it used to be the open water bay of Lake Balaton which in the course of time became a marshy flood area. Since the last century the majority of the water has been continuously drained, and then it was declared a nature conservation area. Today it is the paradise of the birds where aigrettes, cormorants, boat-bills, squaccos, great crested grebes, herons and red herons, coots, reed-thrushes, reed-warblers and owls nest.


The monumentlike building was built in 1772. Its carved, richly armoured main gate and painted ceiling lends a peculiar charm to the building. The baptizing font made of marble and ornamented with coat-of-arms dates back to 1698. On its top, a cue-style cover and statue can be seen. In the church nave there is an ironwork gallery on both sides which was finished around 1890. The frescos were painted by Dorffmaister.


The Hungarian first king, St. Stephen the First, founded here a Benedictine abbey in 1019, and later he placed the centre of the royal county here. To commemorate this event, Zala County erected a memorial column at the place of the late abbey and castle in 1938. Cirill and Metód, who christianized the Slav peoples and created the writing bearing their names, lived here one thousand one hundred years ago. In 1985 a monument was built in their honour with the full figure statue of the Slav apostles which was inaugurated here. Not far from the Cirill-Metód monument are the 1996-built memorial chapel built upon the ground walls of the chapel of the period of St. Stephen, the ruins of the basilica of Récéskút, and the Little-Balaton exhibition house.


The city is situated about 35 km from Zalakaros on the bank of Lake Balaton. The town, which is called the "capital of Balaton", has approximately 25.000 inhabitants.

Keszthely Festetics Castle Museum:

Count Kristóf Festetics began to build the castle in 1745. The family kept expanding it in the course of the centuries, and it reached its present state and form in the last century.

Georgikon Farm Museum:

The museum operates in the building of the former farm. This is a "must see" if you are visiting this area.

Balaton Museum:

In the museum the "Lake Balaton and man" constant exhibition and high-quality art-exhibitions can be seen.

Doll Museum:

In the museum by the pedestrian precinct, which is the biggest doll museum of Middle-Europe, dolls wearing historical national dresses can be seen.

Marzipan Museum:

In the homely atmosphere of this confectionery, own-made domestic and Viennese confectionary specialities and a confectionary exhibition comprising of almost 100 different decoration works can be found.


The city is situated approximately 18 km from Zalakaros. The Elisabeth square that was named after Queen Elisabeth can be found in the centre of the city. In the northern part of the square can be seen the Turkish Well, which is named this way because according to local legend its octagonal stone lower part comes from the Turkish period palace.

György Thúry Museum:

The exhibition in the museum entitled People, routes and relations, begins with the display of ancient everyday life while guiding visitors into each archeological period, and finally showing the medieval castle of Kanizsa.After these it revives the Golden Age, 18th - 19th century, blooming Kanizsa.


A monument-like building which was built in the beginning of the 19th century. It has been reconstructed more times since then. Today the building houses concerts and cultural programmes.

Downtown Church:

A monument, which was built in the 18th century. At the same time a Franciscan monastery was also built. The point of interest in connection with the baroque church is that its holy water stoop once used to be a Turkish gravestone.

House of Fine Arts:

The permanent exhibition of Erzsebet Brunner and Erzsebet Sas Brunner painters, as well as of painter Istvan Z. Soos.

Hungarian Poster House

One of its kind in the country, the museum was opened in an old granary building in the city centre.


The Rowing lake, which can be found 5 km from the city centre, in the direction of Kaposvár, on the left side of the road, provides rowing and fishing possibilities for excursionists. The lookout turret is located 500 metres from the lake, from where it is possible to have a view of the surrounding area and Nagykanizsa.


Holy church and religious house

Monks belonging to the order of St Paul settled down in the village in 1360. Under Turkish rule their monastery and their church were completely destroyed. Between 1703 and 1744 the Franciscans rebuilt the church with the help of Count Batthyány. The icon of Virgin Mary was found in 1722, while the foundations of the current church were being dug out, according to the legend among the roots of the oak tree. The icon originated from the 17th century which is the size of 40x60 cm and depicts Virgin Mary holding the little Jesus in her arms was respected as a miraculous icon in the 18th century. Who touched it or prayed in front of the icon they were recovered.The relic of St Felix was given to the village as a present by XVÍ Benedict Pope and was brought to Homokkomárom by Otto Kopik, the previous abbot of Celldömölk. The relic of St Felix and the respect of Virgin Mary stood in the centre of the annual festival of the church in the baroque era.The pilgrimage of “Conciliation of love flame and the rose with secretive sense” is organised on 13th of every month. This means a pilgrimage in the whole Transdanubia. In the warm summer months one-two thousand believers arrive occasionally. This festival is visited by a large number of Croatian and Slovenian pilgrims as well.Nowadays "The Eight Happiness Catholic Community" lives in the religious house.

What Our Guests Say...

"Just had 2wks at sunnyRoth Villas and the kids loved it.It was nice for my wife to relax also as I am wheelchair bound and managed everything on my own. Great design on the villas and pool. Companies should take a leaf out of sunnyRoth Villas' book ,cannot thank you guys enough, top place and will be back very soon. Have a good season" Jeff & Sue

"Once again had a great relaxing time with the hosts at SunnyRoth Villas. Highlights were fishing, the spa, walks to the ice cream parlour, horse and trap ride to one of the many fine eateries. Elaine went missing for a 6 hour pampering heself at the hair and nail salon. Dad had a swell time at one of the local wineries and came home quite tipsy.Thanks SunnyRoth Villas" Antony, Elaine, Joseph and Grandad John

"Went for easter, we all had a fab time. It was nice for my wife to relax on holiday, for a change everything was 110% accessible for us and the kids loved the easter-hunt that Roo did, thx again mate. The village is so lovely and the food was brill, we had that much of a good time we booked our summer holiday while there, a big big thanks again to the both of you and look forward to August. ps kids are still talking about you Roo, you have two new,small friends for life!" Mark, Kerry & Family

"Just had a fab time! I am a c-5. The place is amazing, the complex was hassle free. Loved the spa and massage, and the village is nice and clean with plenty of restarants, will be going back again thank-you you made me and my family very welcome have a nice year" Graig

"A huge thank you for everything they did for us. My husband who is the wheelchair user had an accident 1 week before our holiday and could not travel. Roo steped in and did a great job getting involved with the kids in the absence of their Dad. He also helped with getting to the doctors and shops when James was sick. They both made us feel very welcome in the absence of my husband. The kids loved the pool which was great as it was very hot during the first week" Ulia, Jessica, James and Jasmine

Reservations and Prices...

For enquiries and bookings please telephone 0036 93 340 270 or email, info@sunnyrothvillas.com quoting 'DHG'.

2013 Prices

Prices Per Apartment (not per person) 1 Week 2 Weeks
1st April - 31st May £265 £450
1st June - 31st August £300 £550
1st September - 20th December £265 £450
21st December - 22nd Jan 2014 Fully Booked Fuly Booked

* Each apartment sleeps 1-4 persons

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