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Over 65s Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Over 65

As we get older, we may get a little slower in our step but when it comes to holidays, most of us want to step them up! And why not, it’s perfectly natural to want to enjoy the freedom that retirement brings by jet setting off to relax in warmer climes, do a bit of sightseeing and perhaps visit family and precious grandchildren that live far away. There’s just one sticking point...... travel insurance for seniors gets increasingly difficult to obtain with age.


Where Can I Get Over 65s Travel Insurance? 

We at Disability Holidays Guide have taken the complication out of finding a specialist travel insurer for you! Our trusted insurance provider offers competitive premiums for those over 65 years old. They can offer worldwide single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance with no capped age limit including cover for pre-existing medical conditions. You can get instant quote here online or give them a call quoting DHG. 

Over 65 Travel Insurance Premiums

It is common throughout the travel insurance industry to impose higher premiums to those over the age of 59. You will then find rates steadily increase based on the age bracket you fall into, i.e: 60-65 years, 66-69 years, 70-75 years etc. It is worth taking into consideration these price increases when planning breaks away as they can really impact on the overall cost of a holiday.

Many insurance providers have an age limit, with some withdrawing cover as low as 69 years. Others have no upper age limit but offer quotes that are so expensive it deters seniors from buying. On the other hand, if you receive a cheap quote, it may be too good to be true! When seeking travel insurance for seniors, ask exactly what the policy covers but more importantly what is excluded. Another tip is to always check the excess, the amount you would have to pay should you make a claim. If the amount is high, you may be given the option to pay more for the policy, lowering the excess or pay an excess waiver.

Annual Multi-Trip Cover

Annual insurance can be a cost effective option if you are taking more than two holidays a year. However, most annual travel insurance for the over 65s restrict the length of each single trip, i.e up to 31 days, so if you’re planning any long stays, this type of cover may not be suitable and you may need to apply for single trip insurance. Make sure to discuss with your insurer any future planned holidays and ask what your travel insurance options are. Unfortunately, the availability of Worldwide Annual insurance for the over 70’s can be limited and if you fall into this age bracket, give our trusted provider a call and they will do they best to help.

Travel Insurance For Pre-existing Medical Conditions

It’s important to tell your insurer if you have any medical conditions. Failing to do so could invalidate your policy. Most insurers will want to know if you are prescribed medication, have ever had any heart conditions, respiratory conditions, cancerous conditions or suffered a stroke. You can opt to purchase a policy that excludes pre-existing medical conditions but this is risky.

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