how to catch a cheating girlfriend

How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend: Offline Methods and Online Tools

Ever since the invention of social media, it’s never been easier to catch a cheating girlfriend. With all of the different apps and tools available, you can get all of your information in one place and spend less time looking for clues. This article will discuss how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you by using offline methods and online tools!

Signs That Your Gf Is Cheating On You

The signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you might not be as obvious as you think. Sure, there are the big ones like her spending a lot of time texting other people or going out with friends without telling you. But those can be easily brushed aside and explained away by a simple lie. Most cheaters know better than to leave a paper trail for their victims to find so they have many ways to cover up what’s really happening.

  • She seems distracted.

Its looking like she is not interested in you anymore.

  • She’s too busy for you.

You are looking like a third wheel to her and she does not care about your feelings or needs at all anymore.

  • She’s got a new hobby that she used to hate .

This is often one of the first signs that something fishy might be going on because it’s usually done right after an argument with their significant other, just so they can avoid talking about what was actually bothering them. If this sounds familiar then its time to start asking some questions!

  • She seems very distant lately and no longer wants anything physical from you which could also mean trouble…

It seems like she has lost interest in sex as well maybe even with her boyfriend

  • She doesn’t tell you where she’s going

Cheating girlfriend can be very sneaky, and often they’ll start making up excuses to avoid telling you where they’re going. If this happens frequently then there might be a problem.

  • Her phone is always with her

If your girlfriend can’t seem to put her phone down for more than five minutes, then she’s probably hiding something from you. This is because when someone is cheating, they’ll usually go out of their way to make sure that their partner doesn’t find out.

  • She seems really suspicious lately

This could be anything from unexplained receipts in her purse to strange calls or messages on her phone. If your gut is telling you that something isn’t right, then it probably isn’t!

You should also keep an eye out for anything that seems off. If she’s sending more messages than usual, if she starts to delete them or hide her phone from you when it goes off, then there is definitely something going on.

  • Her dress sense has changed dramatically

People who are having affairs usually feel uncomfortable being themselves around their partner because deep down inside they know that they’re doing something wrong. So often, they’ll start to dress differently in order to try and blend in – and this is definitely one of the signs to watch out for!

Methods for catching a cheating girlfriend: Online and Offline

Offline methods of catching cheating girlfriend:

  • Checking phone bills for suspicious calls or texts

This is one of the oldest and most obvious ways to catch a cheating girlfriend. If you’re suspicious that your significant other is having an affair, check their phone bill for any unfamiliar numbers or names listed in their call log.

If they have a smartphone which allows apps like mSpy  then all of this information will be at your fingertips, but if not then you can also easily track calls with Android spy software .

  • Searching through garbage for clues

Scavenging through the trash may seem awkward and disgusting, but it’s often necessary when looking for evidence of infidelity. Dirty clothes from someone who isn’t sleeping over every night are another sure sign that something fishy is going on! You can out more about finding digital footprints here .

  • Surveillance

The easiest method by far is hiring a private investigator who will be able to conduct all kinds of investigation activities on your behalf without getting caught or arousing suspicion – both very important factors when looking for proof! Alternatively there are many spy apps available today which you monitor someone’s smartphone activity remotely.

  • Checking credit card statements for unexpected charges.

This method of catching a cheating girlfriend is not as easy as it sounds. You need to be very careful about your steps. You need to start with checking credit card statements for any unusual activity like unexpected charges or purchases that are completely out of character for the person you suspect might be cheating on you .

With this method, make sure not to confront her by saying things like “I checked your phone and found something” because it will only anger her and she would try even harder to hide further evidence in future. Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

  • Check calls

You can also check if there’s anything suspicious in their call logs – do they frequently hang up after talking just once.

  • Search history

Their internet history is yet another place where you can find valuable information if someone was visiting websites that were considered inappropriate ( dating sites).

Offline methods such as checking their search history or going through their internet history can be helpful in revealing whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. However, the best way to get definitive proof is by using spy apps that allow you to monitor smartphones remotely. This gives you access to all the data that is stored on the phone including text messages, calls made and received, social media activity and more. With this evidence, you can confront her with confidence and catch her red-handed!

  • Hiring a private investigator to follow her and see if she’s cheating

Online methods

  • Using spy apps (Android and iOS)

The best method by far is using a spy app such as mSpy which will allow you to monitor smartphones remotely. You can find out more about this here . This works because most cheating women leave their phone lying around without password protection so they don’t think anyone could access it.

Catch your girlfriend red-handed with evidence like text messages, calls made a received, social media activity and more.

  • Using social media monitoring tools.

Its also can be real with apps like mSpy, Eyezy, Hoverwatch. Its easy to spy on her Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts with that.

  • Looking through her emails for any incriminating evidence

3 Best Apps To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend


It is a good idea to install an application called mSpy on your girlfriend’s phone. This way you can track her incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, GPS locations of the device in question and block certain numbers from contacting her if necessary.


This spy app is a little different from the others in that it not only tracks text messages, emails and GPS locations, but also captures all activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

This is a great way to see if your girlfriend is cheating on you with other guys. It’s also very user-friendly and easy.

3. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch can be used for free for a trial period of three days. After that, you will need to subscribe monthly or yearly in order to continue tracking the suspect’s phone activity.

Like Eyezy, Hoverwatch tracks all SMS texts and records calls as well as GPS locations and social media activities such as Facebook messages and Instagram likes.


mSpy offers one of the best features when it comes to catching cheaters online, their ability to monitor social media apps such as Whatsapp, snapchat & facebook messenger just like eyeZy but at much lower prices than other competitors out there today!

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