How to catch your cheating wife by collecting evidence of infidelity on her iPhone ?

We are all concerned about our marriages. Unfortunately, sometimes our partners cheat on us on the iPhone. There are many reasons why they are unfaithful. While it’s true that certain factors may be out of our hands, it’s crucial to proactively address them and safeguard your marriage —the cornerstone of our lives. There is a debate about which husband and wife cheat the most. The fact remains the same that cheating is cheating, and it is a vice in any relationship. It is destructive when you live with someone you don’t trust. You can’t help but imagine that your wife is having an affair with someone else when she is away.

Most fraudulent activities occur through the physical or emotional behavior of your partner. If you’ve ever had doubts about your wife’s loyalty, catch her cheating red-handed using a special spy app on her iPhone.

How to spot a cheating wife ?

You won’t believe what’s happening outside your relationship until you ask yourself: “How to find out if your wife is cheating on the iPhone?” and discover the signs of it. Most men admit to finding out about their wives’ affairs after many years. Well, while this may be due to their partners’ trust, it may also be because they were unaware of some of these strange behaviours. Below is a list of signs of a cheating wife.

  • She hesitates to answer her iPhone when you’re together

If your wife apologizes for getting calls on her iPhone or doesn’t get a call at all, it’s a clear sign that she’s hiding something from you.

  • She is deleting messages and call logs on her iPhone

Whenever you find that your wife is deleting messages and call logs on her iPhone, there is something to worry about. Maybe she’s afraid that you might find something suspicious in their conversation. It’s a good idea to look into how often and how long your partner’s calls on their iPhone are: unusual communication with certain callers could be a sign of infidelity cheating.In this case, you can use the cheater to check her text messages.

  • She checks missed calls and text on her iPhone

Have you noticed how often she checks for notifications on her iPhone? This is another indicator that she has shifted her attention to someone else.

  • She makes sure you’re not using her iPhone

You’ll be surprised that she doesn’t leave her iPhone, even when she goes to the bathroom. You will also realize that she turns off her iPhone when she is in the room if she is having an affair with another man.

  • She locks her phone apps with a password

Should she be hiding something from you? Well, you expect your wife to be open to you. Sometimes, you might be unable to access certain apps because she’s concerned about possibly hurting your feelings if you discover what’s in them. It could be messages, call logs, or even pictures.

How to catch a cheating wife by recovering her iPhone data ?

How to catch your cheating wife by collecting evidence of infidelity on her iPhone

Whether you use a woman’s iPhone or Android phone, phone data recovery software comes in handy for recovering fatal information that can prove she’s cheating. You’ll be able to recover information such as contacts, call logs and deleted messages from her phone. Phone Data Recovery can also recover videos, photos and WhatsApp files. Remember, you will recover all the details, which may include contact name, time and duration of calls. Forget worrying about your cheating spouse because this awesome app will come in handy when you want to find out what she’s up to with her iPhone.

How to determine deception with recovered information ?

The app can uncover enough evidence to show that your wife is dishonest in your relationship. It is crucial to identify this information in order to find signs of infidelity. For example, if she expresses feelings for another man through their conversation. In some cases, they may talk about gifts they are exchanging or planning to exchange. You may find that she admits to the other man that she is single. From her call history, you may be able to identify the person she talks to most of the time. A feature of Phone Data Recovery is that you can also recover the conversation through WhatsApp. You will be able to see the people she is chatting with. Usually fraudulent partners can save names on their phone. They could save them as colleagues or relatives. You have to intentionally go through all the conversations.

How to catch a cheating wife using a spy app?

How to catch your cheating wife by collecting evidence of infidelity on her iPhone

mSpy is one of the most popular iPhone monitoring applications available on the market today. It offers more features than any other spying app out there at an affordable price. This application has got you covered; whether you’re worried about your child’s safety or need to keep an eye on your employees to ensure they’re following company policies on their phones, it’s all right here, ready to go.

You can use the mSpy app on your iPhone to easily monitor your wife without having to touch her iPhone. You can monitor her iPhone with the following features:

  • Call History: You can see the contact list, call history with time and date of every outgoing or incoming phone calls.
  • Apple iMessage: Can monitor all messages sent via Apple devices like iPhone iPad etc… which are linked to an iCloud account!  This includes SMS texts as well as iMessages sent through iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.
  • Contact list: You can monitor the contact list of your wife’s phone, their friends and other people they communicate with.
  • GPS Tracking: Track your wife or employee in real time! You get to see where exactly they are at any given moment.
  • WhatsApp: This is one of the most reliable features that will allow you to monitor someone’s WhatsApp messages sent via iPhone.
  • Internet pages visited: Find out which websites they have been visiting, including dating sites, and take the necessary steps to protect your relationship. Or maybe there are inappropriate social networks – this feature allows monitoring them as well! 
  • List of installed apps: Allows tracking all applications that were installed on the iPhone.
  • Events and Calendar: You can check all events that took place recently as well as what is scheduled for future; this way you will always know where your wife is, whether she attends stranger places or not, etc.


Accessing mSpy gives you an idea of how easy it is to spy on your wife. You can finally have peace of mind, knowing that you no longer have to worry about how to track a cheating wife, her conversations, or her online activities. mSpy app will provide all this data every time you log in and view your dashboard.

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