How to clone someone’s whatsapp

Are you curious about how to clone someone’s WhatsApp account? In this blog post, we will show you the best way to do it. There are a few different methods that can be used, and they vary in difficulty level as well as legality. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, then take a look at our top choice!

Why would I need to clone someone’s a WhatsApp account?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for smartphones. It’s a great way to stay connected with your friends and family when it comes to making video calls or sending text messages. However, there are some cases where you might need someone else’s account information:

  • If you want to spy on his/her conversations (spouse cheating).
  • You’re running an online business and want access to their contacts list as well as all personal data they share through chat services like Skype, Facebook Messenger or Viber.
  • Take care of the safety of your children (whom they talk to)

What is application cloning? Application cloning is the process of duplicating an existing mobile app with all its data, including user-profiles and messages. Cloning can be used for a variety of reasons, such as backup, creating a test environment or simply because you want to have two instances of the same app installed on your device.

The best method to clone someone’s Whatsapp

There are several ways that you can clone someone’s WhatsApp account, but we’ll focus on the best one – using spy apps. These tools allow you to not only copy all the chat history and contact details but also access other features like location tracking, call logs and more. The most popular applications for this task are Mspy, Eyezy and FlexiSpy:

1. mSpy

mSpy is a spy app that has been around for over a decade and is used by more than 200,000 users worldwide. It is easy to install and offers an affordable price tag of $29/month or $149.99 per year, with discounts available if you buy the yearly plan. With just two clicks, you can access the information from another device. Some of the features that come with mSpy include call tracking, GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, content and app blocking, and more. The app is compatible with any device, no matter what operating system you and your target use, and it works in stealth mode without affecting the functionality of the target device. However, some of mSpy’s features only work on Android and iPhone devices that have been rooted or jailbroken, which can be a hurdle for non-tech-savvy people.

  • Read messages from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram.
  • Bypassing WhatsApp security code for Android devices
  • Sending media files such as photos, videos, voice messages etc;
  • Storing contact lists on your phone or computer  (note: only paid users can access this feature);
  • Allowing you to record audio calls made using WhatsApp service;

There are also several other features that come with this app, but you can discover them on your own by signing up for the free trial. The best part is that mSpy comes with a one-year warranty, so if there are any bugs or issues within the first year of using the software, they’ll fix it and provide support!

  • Prices: Free (Demo available) | $29/month
  • Supported OS: Android & iOS
  • Price Rating: Excellent – Award-winning application backed by great customer service.

2. Haqerra

Haqerra is a relatively new spying app on the market, but it is certainly one that knows how to clone someone WhatsApp with phone number. But it’s quickly grown to an active user base of over 50,000 people globally. The app markets itself as an affordable monitoring solution for parents, with subscription plans starting at $15/month or $80/year.

Some standout features of Haqerra include:

  • Social media monitoring for popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can see messages, posts, photos, and more.
  • Location tracking via GPS to see where the target device has been.
  • Keyword alerts notify you if certain words or phrases are used.
  • Call viewing to detect how often, how long, and with whom your target person has phone calls.

While Haqerra lacks some advanced features like remote camera access, its low pricing makes it attractive for basic monitoring needs, especially for those people seeking a solution to the query of how to clone WhatsApp without knowing. The app also provides good customer support via live chat and email.

  • Prices: Free (Demo available) | €20.20/month
  • Supported OS: Android & iOS
  • Price Rating: Cost-effective solution for those seeking an excellent spying solution. 

Overall, Haqerra is a decent budget choice for anyone looking to keep tabs on their loved ones’ digital activity without breaking the bank.

3. Moniterro

Moniterro positions itself as an affordable but full-featured monitoring solution for anyone who wants to know how to clone a WhatsApp account. It costs just € 23.30/mo*, significantly less than competitors. Moniterro claims to be the best monitoring solution for social media, including WhatsApp. So, if you want to get the clone of the target phone’s WhatsApp – look no further and try Moniterro!

Here are some notable Moniterro features:

  • Powerful social media monitoring, covering WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Even deleted or hidden messages can be retrieved.
  • Advanced location tracking that allows setting up custom geofences and alerts.
  • Stealth mode makes the app invisible on the target device.
  • Remote live screen viewing, screenshots, and video recording.
  • Wide range of device compatibility, covering phones and tablets.

While the app lacks phone call recording offered by some others, Moniterro provides detailed monitoring capabilities at a budget-friendly price point. Customer service response times are generally fast as well. If you need help with how to clone a WhatsApp account, they will answer all your questions. 

  • Prices: Free (Demo available) | €23.30/month
  • Supported OS: Android & iOS
  • Price Rating: An outstanding solution for WhatsApp monitoring that will pay off every cent.  

In summary, Moniterro delivers robust features for monitoring for an affordable subscription cost. It’s a good choice for full control on a budget. In case you are looking for a comprehensive solution, try using Moniterro.

4. Eyezy

This app is a relatively new player in the mobile monitoring space, but it’s quickly becoming a top choice for those looking to keep tabs on their kids or employees for an affordable price. For just $20/month or $180 per year, you get access to read all texts, view call logs, track device location in real-time, monitor web browsing history, and more – all without the person knowing. The easy installation takes just minutes, and the intuitive dashboard lets you dig into the details or get alerts for any suspicious activity. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of premium competitors, the core features and low cost make this a compelling choice for basic monitoring needs. The developers continue rolling out useful updates too, so it’s one to watch as it aims to disrupt the market.

  • Supported OS: Android & Windows Phone
  • Price Rating: Excellent – Low cost with a wide range of features.
  • Get Eyezy for $20/month. (30-day money back guarantee)

5. FlexiSpy

This app comes with a variety of useful features that justify its slightly higher price point compared to some alternatives. In addition to accessing deleted messages and photos, as well as monitoring calls made through WhatsApp, it provides a live control panel to view target device activity in real time. The app allows you to dig into historical data to uncover details that may have been deleted or hidden. While the surveillance capabilities are robust, it’s important to use this tool ethically and ensure you have the right permissions if monitoring another person’s device.

  • Browser history;
  • Keylogger (record all keystrokes on the target device);
  • GPS location tracking;
  • Supported OS: Android & iOS
  • Price Rating: Good – High cost with powerful features.
  • Get FlexiSpy for $149.99/month or $1249.99/year. (30-day money back guarantee)

Another method of cloning Whatsapp:

  • Use WhatsApp Backup

You can back up messages using WhatsApp and then restore them to another device. This method is not recommended because it’s a time-consuming procedure that requires you to download the backup file from one phone and upload it to your computer before restoring to another smartphone (here’s how).

  • Cloning Whatsapp with mac spoofing  (MAC address spoofer)

This cloning method works only if both devices are connected over a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, as they will be sharing their MAC addresses – this lets you change the source IP for all data packets sent via these channels by hacking into another user account so he/she does not notice any changes in his/her connection.

Yes, cloning a WhatsApp account is legal. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to do this – as we mentioned earlier, spying on someone’s conversations or simply keeping a backup of your own chat history are two valid reasons. However, please note that we do not condone any illegal activities and suggest that you use these methods only for lawful purposes.

How does cloning work?

WhatsApp cloning works by copying all the data from one device to another. This includes messages, photos, videos, and contact lists. The process can be completed in minutes and doesn’t require any technical knowledge – just follow the steps below:

How to clone Whatsapp account on Android:

  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it;
  • Download the WhatsApp clone app on your PC;
  • Connect both devices to a WiFi network and install the software. For extra security, you can use a VPN connection – here are some providers that we recommend: ExpressVPN | VyprVPN| NordVPN;  Once installed, open WhatsApp on one device and then launch its clone (this will be done automatically in just two clicks) by opening mSpy or Eyezy for example; Follow instructions displayed by an application – this is when all of your chat histories will start being copied over from one device to another. You’ll also see any media files such as photos, videos etc.; Once everything has been transferred successfully from one phone to another, disconnect them from their respective networks but keep them both connected to your WiFi connection. Now, you can launch WhatsApp on the device that has been cloned and log in with a new account – this will ensure that all of the data stored there is synced so it’s accessible immediately!

How to clone Whatsapp on iPhone

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content + Settings;
  • This will erase all content and settings from an iPhone or iPad but keep its media files intact (photos, videos etc.) – make sure you do not reset by accident otherwise if might lose valuable information too;
  • Then sign up for a free trial of mSpy/Eyezy/FlexiSpy/spymaster pro etc.;
  • Download one of those apps onto your Mac or PC and then connect both devices to the same WiFi network;
  • Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone/iPad while mSpy will run in the background. Applications have been designed so that they’re compatible with all operating systems, including Windows & Mac OS X – no additional software needed! Once you’ve launched WhatsApp clone, follow prompts displayed by an application – this is when all of your chat history will start being copied over from one device to another. You’ll also see any media files such as photos, videos etc.;
  • Once everything has been transferred successfully from one phone to another, disconnect them from their respective networks but keep them both connected to your WiFi connection. Now open a new account for yourself (make sure it’s not linked with the old account) on the cloned WhatsApp and all of your chat history will be there!

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