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How to Track My Wife’s iPhone Without Her Knowing

It’s not always easy to know if your spouse is cheating on you. It could be that you are too busy or just don’t want to think about it, but the truth is that there are signs that may indicate they are being unfaithful. One way to find out for sure without them knowing is by tracking their iphone with a cell phone spy app. There are many different programs available in both free and paid versions, so which one should you use? This article will take a look at some of the best options in order to help guide your decision!

In this article, you can find the top 10 phone spy programs that will help to keep your relationship in tact. This is not necessarily an extensive list, but it is a good starting point for anyone who is looking into spying on their spouse’s cell phone without them knowing!


The first app that can track my wife’s iphone is Mspy. This is a spy program that has been proven effective time and again, as it is able to provide information on just about anything you need from their phone! One of the great things about this app is how easy-to-use it really is; all you have to do download directly onto your spouse’s cell phone after purchasing online.

The main feature of this app is that it is very easy to use and navigate. So, you will be able to effortlessly track your spouse’s whereabouts with great accuracy!

Main functions

  • you can track all calls
  • read all the text messages
  • see all photos and videos taken by her phone, read sent or received emails (Gmail, Hotmail), track GPS location of the device.

Mspy also allows you to monitor Facebook activity on your partner’s smartphone: every like, comment is registered! You can even install Mspy on multiple devices at once. This feature makes it possible for parents to keep an eye on their children too. The app supports both Apple iOS and Android platforms so any mobile device will work with this software.


  • great 24/7 support
  • low price 
  • the wide range of features that is offered. 


  • The main cons would be compatibility issues, occasional glitches in performance due to system overloads or bad internet connection.

How to install mSpy on wife’s phone:

The first step is to download the app from its official site.

The next step is to choose which type of phone you want your wife’s iPhone or Android data sent on: web-interface or SMS messages. The first option gives access via any computer connected to the internet while SMS allows tracking over various mobile networks with no need for an internet connection.

Mspy offers two ways of installation: jailbreak/root and custom ROM. Both these methods require the user to have physical access to the target phone.

If you will have a problems with installation, you can write or call to the support who are available 24/7.


Another popular option for spying on a cell phone without the other person knowing is Spyzie. This app features similar benefits as Mspy in being so simple-to-use! All you have to do download onto their smart device after purchasing online; this can be done within minutes. The main feature of this spyware program is its ability to give an unfiltered view into what they are doing when using their mobile device—and providing evidence in real time too!


  • track a cell phone without the other person knowing
  • provides an unfiltered view into what they are doing when using their mobile device and providing evidence in real time too!


  • compatible with iOS devices only (iPhone, iPad).
  • compatibility issues may arise due to system overloads or bad internet connection.


The next app tha can track wife’s iphone would be Eyezy. Although not necessarily one of my top picks, Eyezy does have a few things going for it. 


  • It is compatible with some Android devices 
  • and has the capabilities to track both Facebook messages and chats on WhatsApp Messenger.


  • compatibility issues 
  • system overloads bad internet connection 


It’s a simple spy app that offers a variety of features. I’ve been using Cocospy for a few weeks now and it’s helped me to keep my loved ones safe, as well as provided evidence that they need in real time too! 


  • compatible with iOS devices only (iPhone, iPad).


  • no Android support 
  • limited features and options for the price.


Spyier can spy my wife’s iPhone including WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms. And special feature of Spyier is it works perfectly on iOS devices and Android devices.


  • easy to use interface that allows you to see what’s going on in real time via your web browser or another device connected to the internet.


  • limited features and options for the price.


Another popular app that answer on question “how to spy on wife’s iphone” is XNSPY. The main functions of XNSPY are to keep track of social networks, SMS messages and call logs.


  • it can be used on any device connected to the internet (laptops, desktops) so you don’t have to worry if your wife has access only to her iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • you can also monitor multiple devices at once using this app which is great when there are cheating spouses in more than one relationship!


  • the best features of XNSPY cost extra money making them too expensive for some users. 


All you need is to send an SMS to your wife’s phone. As soon as she receives the message, you can track her location

Important! The phone you want to track must have GPS enabled


  • it’s easy to use, no installation required
  • you can track the location of your wife even when she doesn’t have an internet connection or her phone is turned off. 


  • the app will work only if you send a special SMS to your wife’s phone which might be too risky in some situations… Also it won’t be able to monitor other devices connected to the web at once so you’ll need another app for that function.


In the end we want to say that if you want to track wife’s iphone – mspy is the best solution. It has all the features needed, it’s easy to use and cheap.

Mspy  offers one of the best iPhone spy software available at affordable prices so you can track your wife’s location anytime anywhere with an internet connection or without it!

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