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Spyera: Spy Phone Software

Spyera is a phone spy software app that can be used to monitor the use of cell phones. It has many features, but most importantly it allows you to record calls and messages sent or received on your target’s device. You can use Spyera for free with limited functionality, but if you want more features you will have to purchase the full version.

Main Futures

  • Record Calls

By recording each call Spyera lets you watch and listen to what your target is doing. You can hear the conversation as it happens, no need for a second phone or anyone overhearing.

  • Monitor Chats & Calls on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber etc.

Spyera allows you to record any chats using instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp chat records . It also allows calls via messenger services like Facebook Chat History , meaning that even if they don’t have their own device with them at all times you will still be able to see everything going on. And of course it also has the standard SMS tracker  that gives full access to texts sent and received by your target’s cell phone number or email address!

  • Track location with GPS Tracking

Spyera’s GPS location monitoring  enables you to always know where your kids are or if an employee is working their contracted hours. You can also use the Spy Mobile Software ‘s spy features for Mac  to find out exactly what they’re doing on their laptop when you are not around!

  • Remote Control

Want to control their device? No problem! The Spyera Phone Monitor Software allows you to activate the microphone and listen in on surrounding sounds whenever it suits you. You can also lock them out of apps, snap pictures using the front-facing camera or even take full remote screen captures  of what they’re looking at right now…

  • Don’t Lose Their Device!!!

This is where battery failure could be a major issue for cellular devices; however, with this software installed your phone will never run out of juice again thanks to our smart power management features . This means that if someone leaves their cell phone charger behind while they go out then you’ll still have full access when they get back home!

  • Social Media Spying

This is one of the most exciting features. This allows you to see every picture, video or even song that they’ve downloaded on their mobile device!

  • GPS Tracking  & Location History

Perfect for tracking your kids and loved ones this feature logs everywhere they go with absolute ease! Furthermore it can be configured to inform you via email when certain locations are visited so if someone’s hanging around an area where they shouldn’t then you will know about it straight away!

Price & Plans

Price wise Spyera offers a range of plans all with unlimited access to any device including tablets and laptops . The cheapest option which still gives access would be this plan at $89 per month , however people will probably need more advanced

Pros & Cons

There are many good features of this spy app:

  • it has both online and offline modes (which means that even if the target phone is not connected to the Internet, you can still spy on its activities)
  • it has a great support team
  • it can monitor up to 12 devices
  • there is no need for rooting or jailbreaking the target phone as it works on Android and iPhone/iPad (no matter what version you’re running)
  • the program sends reports automatically every day at a certain time. You will never miss out on any important information about your kids, employees etc. because of that!

However, there are also some cons:

although their customer service people are very responsive and helpful, they might take quite a long time before responding (up to 48 hours);

sometimes this software causes problems with your Android device; etc.

How does it work?

First you need to create an account on the official site of EyeSpyPro. Once you provide your username and password, click “Start Monitoring” button at the top right corner.

Next step is to choose if you want to monitor incoming SMS messages received by another phone via spy app for Android or iOS (iPhone). Enter the target number with country code in order not to make any mistakes when tracking text messages .

After that specify how often should be sent logs – once per day? Every hour? You can view detailed reports about every action taken using this device including pictures with geotag data! No root required! Also it has a special feature called Key logger which makes spying even easier: if somebody tries to unlock screen lock with PIN/pattern — the program will take a picture and send it to your email.

Then configure the phone call logger: how often do you want spy app for Android or iOS (iPhone) to record calls? You can choose any time of day, but if you live in USA then better choose only during work hours as there is no point in recording evening conversations with friends after 14 o’clock.

After that specify what information should be sent by text messages — just date and location or photos taken from target device camera too? Finally press start button and wait until software starts tracking all activities on this cell phone . Now let’s discuss reviews about best spy apps !

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