Track Someone's iPhone Without Them Knowing

The Best Methods to Track Someone’s iPhone Without Them Knowing

How to find someone’s iPhone without them knowing? This is a question that many people are asking themselves. It can be scary when you think about the possibility of not being able to locate your spouse, child, or other loved one because they are in danger. The good news is this article will show you how to track down an iPhone with three easy methods!

1. The first method uses the Google Maps website

The first thing you will want to do is track down your spouse or loved one’s phone using an Android device. If they are using another operating system, then this method won’t work for them unfortunately.

Next, go into their contact information and find their cell number so that it automatically pulls up on the map when you search it in Google maps. You can also track them by signing out of your account on your own device so that it logs them off as well and shows where they were last located at based upon internet usage data from cellular carriers!

2. The next way involves installing some spy software

1. mSpy

First of them known as mSpy . This app allows anyone to easily track someone else through any iPhone without access themselves with a few clicks.


  • can locate an iphone in real time by phone number or email address
  • can track text messages and calls
  • track Safari history, WhatsApp messages, Skype chat logs, KIK messenger logs etc.


  • need internet connection for tracking location (doesn’t work without it)
  • is not free – chargeable


This is one of the best options available in the market because it is easy to use. You can easily monitor iPhone without Jailbreak or giving access your phone with this app.

Contacts can be tracked even without SIM card installed in iPhone which makes this app pretty handy too! Best thing about eyezy is that you don’t need internet connection all the time because your device will store logs till next synchronization session between eyezyserver & device runs successfully .


  • Very user friendly, even for a novice will find himself completely comfortable using it within minutes
  • Can track all social media activity like Facebook, Twitter and iMessages
  • Can track the location of someone’s phone even if it is offline


  • is not free – chargeable. The cheapest plan starts at $15/month and goes up depending on what you choose, but they do have money back guarantee if you are unhappy with their services.


Localize is a simple mobile tracking app for ios that helps you locate your iphone, know the location of it and has some other excellent features.


  • you can track any device
  • simple and convenient functionality
  • can work without internet


  • have to pay $14/month if you want full version.

4. Cocospy

In cocospy you can track someone’s iphone without them knowing of the device you want to monitor, as well as history logs.


  • great customer support – active on facebook and always available to answer all your questions
  • can track any number of devices with one subscription plan
  • has ios app that is easy to install it in seconds without jailbreaking or hacking target phone .

5. Spybubble review

Spybubble is a great choice for all parents who want to track their kids iphone or someone’s smartphone in case it gets stolen.


  • no jailbreak required – easy installation process that can be completed within few minutes from start to finish .
  • offers 30 days money back guarantee only if the purchased product doesn’t work as expected, but also offers one year of free updates and 24/hour customer support.
  • SpyBubble is compatible with iOS devices running on ios versions up to version 11.0 (including latest apple update)


  • limited number of features available like most other apps which you need upgrade plan for more advanced tracking options.

3. Another great method is to track someone through iCloud

This can be done on any device including iPhones, iPads, Macs and even Windows devices. The only catch with this method is that you need their Apple ID along with password information in order for it to track them successfully. You can find out more about how exactly iCloud works here – iphone tracker via icloud .

4. Track Someone’s iPhone with GPS Device

The last way of tracking an iPhone without access would require using a GPS Tracking Device like GpsGate or MiniGPSD which allows the user to track another individual’s location whether they are walking, driving or taking public transportation! These devices are super easy to use as well since all one has to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter/accessory port and track the location on a website, smartphone or tablet.

This method is great if you want to track your child’s iPhone since it requires no jailbreak as well as prevents them from knowing that they are being monitored! There are many benefits of using this method including: seeing where your loved ones have been with pictures/videos taken at specific times, speed tracking, etc. You can even see their full conversations online through text messages for all IOs devices so there will be no surprises!

You now know how to track an individual without their iphone via icloud , google maps locator app and GPS Tracking Devices like GpsGate . Keep in mind that each one works differently so make sure you research which one would suit your needs the best.


How do I see my location history on an iPhone?

You can locate your iPhone on or download the Find My iPhone app which you would have to log into with an Apple ID and password. Once logged in, it will show where all of your devices are along with any other iPhones that may be connected to them (if they turn this feature off). If someone else has your device, don’t worry – what goes around comes back around! They won’t be able to get past their lock screen unless they know the passcode so locate yourself first if necessary before tracking down others who might not want to give up information about themselves.

How do I see my location history on Android?

The “Find Friends” feature within Google Maps is located under Menu > Your Places > Settings, then locate the “Location History” section

Phone Tracker for Android – this software is free to download and use on any device running on Google’s operating system. It does not require access to their contacts or social media profiles in order track them down even if they’re always changing devices. This feature will send you a notification when someone else logs into your account which can be useful if that person still has access to your phone number but unhelpful if it isn’t secure otherwise!


The best way: go digital with mSpy since Apple doesn’t offer many options for finding people who have stolen iPhones and other iOS products except through iCloud. You’ll need physical access to their iPhone in order to locate it through iCloud. You can choose between three types of plans with mSpy which all offer the same features including monitoring location, call logs, iMessages and browsing history.

mSpy offers a couple different ways to track iphones without touching a device using either a web-based interface or another mobile phone that has access to the target’s browser bookmarks and cookies. A third option involves setting up an email account specifically for this purpose so you’re able to locate someone’s iPhone by sending them emails containing special links that will trigger the installation of mSpy.

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